StS Ranchwear Collection

"Be True To Who You Are"

StS Ranchwear is a Western Brand created by NFR competitor and a 4th Generation Rancher, Stran T. Smith. StS Ranchwear is known for their top quality, genuine leather and genuine hair-on-hide products. At this time we will be carrying their accessory line- all of these products are absolutely amazing and gorgeous! They are extremely high quality, genuine products! You can smell that real leather from a mile away!

Here's a quote from the Stran T. Smith that really describes their brand:

"This (western way) legacy is somewhat of a dying breed to my kids, and so I feel an obligation as a 4th generation cowboy to pass on that heritage. I hope that through this brand we'll be able to carry on the Western way so that it won’t be gone forever, with products that represent the characteristics of what I feel a true cowboy stands for".